Criminal Law Milan

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The law firm offers specific expertise in the area of criminal protection of intellectual property, both in and out of court, thanks to its experience in assisting entities and companies operating in the music and audio-visual sectors and in organizing and joining professional training courses in the sector as a speaker.

The law firm provides advice and assistance to individuals and companies in the area of cybercrimes, which they have been charged with or by which they have been damaged.

The law firm provides advice and support to individuals, professionals and companies in the area of tax and social security offenses. It provides advice during the investigation stage and provides technical defence in trials.

Extrajudicial advice and judicial assistance and defence in this area concern criminal offenses pertaining to the criminal liability of the entrepreneur and director prior to or at the declaration of bankruptcy, or in insolvency proceedings.

The law firm provides assistance and advice to individuals and companies facing issues concerning crimes committed in the area of economy and property, either as subjects under investigation or as injured parties.

The law firm offers out-of-court advice and technical assistance to medical professionals involved in the various events related to healthcare activities, which have originated criminal proceedings.

The law firm advises and assists employers and employees on criminal issues related to injury events occurring in the workplace.

The law firm provides assistance to companies and entities in preparing and updating Organizational and Management Models suitable for preventing the commission of crimes.

The law firm takes care of representing and defending minors involved in criminal proceedings before the Juvenile Court, devoting its expertise to both minors and their families.

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Criminal Law Milan

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