The criminal law pertaining to copyright

Copyright criminal law

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Copyright law is the area relating to the protection of creativity, innovation and intellectual property, which is also implemented through the provision of criminal penalties.

Some of the most prevalent crimes are:

  • music piracy
  • audiovisual piracy
  • unauthorized use of copyrighted works
  • counterfeiting, alteration or use of trademarks and patents.

The criminal lawyer specialized in copyright criminal law

The criminal lawyer specialized in copyright is retained in order to protect the owners of intellectual property rights, i.e. authors, artists, performers, producers, publishers, trademark owners, and works to ensure that the rules on criminal copyright law are respected.

The criminal lawyer specialized in intellectual property deals with cases related to copyright infringement, copyright-related rights, and trademark infringement and can provide assistance to individuals accused of these infringements.

In particular, the copyright criminal lawyer may perform the following tasks:

  • counseling: providing legal advice to clients regarding the management and protection of their rights, in compliance with intellectual property laws and existing practices.
  • liaison with technical advisors: provide for the selection and appointment of technical advisors who are experts in the field of intellectual property to assist the work of the criminal lawyer in assisting the assisted persons involved in cases involving copyright infringement.
  • out-of-court assistance: negotiating agreements and resolving disputes, such as licensing or settlement agreements, to avoid litigation.
  • representation of aggrieved persons: representing aggrieved persons in copyright-related criminal proceedings, considering civil actions for damages.
  • technical defence: offering assistance and defence to defendants accused of copyright infringement or who are involved in copyright-related cases during investigation and in court.
  • legal education: informing stakeholders of various copyright-related criminal aspects and taking care of regulatory updates.

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